a New Year, a new life…

1 01 2005

well, what can i say??? 😦

2005 is another new year, and along with it, i have a totally new life… not really something to boast about, but…

1. I resigned from Asia Pacific College, where, (for all those who followed my career) i taught for close to 4 years. of those, i will miss the friends i’ve made like Ricky, Jayvee, Rhea, Oliver, as well as students who i’ve become close with. will really miss you guys! good luck to all your future endeavours! 😦

2. I am currently in Davao on a retreat (almost a month now). will be reflecting on my new life, where i’d want it to go… will be back in Manila by the 3rd…

3. will be back here in Davao on the 1st week of February. some rich guys here would like to put up an ISP, and they tagged me to oversee everything… of course, the backend servers will have to be Linux.

4. i miss my son greatly!!! i hope to be there during his birthday on the 27th. I love you, Ian!

5. a new girlfriend? i don’t think so… not right now… i’ve been burned too much… gotta let the scars heal first… ouch!

6. will have to put this blog on to a totally new server, using a totally new domain… hmmmm… what can i use? hmmm… maybe i’d have to register my own domain… but what about the server? ahhhh… problems…

7. and the picture page??? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 😦

well, that’s it for now, folks… will add to these once i get my new blog up…

Ciao, baby… 😎




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