no cellphone starting today… :(

2 07 2004

okay, i have no cellphone starting today, so for those wanting to communicate with me (as if!), you can just access my landline at school (+63 2 8530201 loc 122). sorry guys, but until i get another cellphone (and a new number, darn!), this is the only way… tsk, tsk, tsk…

on my way home last night, i placed my cell in the pocket of my backpack. but when i got to my last ride, i noticed the pocket zipper was open, and wanting a cig, reached in, and found my cell missing…

i hate this, i hate losing all your numbers (i must remember to write them doewn next time), i hate losing contact with you guys… boohoohoo… 😦

i hate this…

Ciao, baby… 😎




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