boboto ka ba o hindi???? ako? ewan…

28 04 2004

for those experiencing pre-election blues, wanna have some fun and a laugh at the expense of those good-for-nothing politician-candidates? if your answer to that one was yes, then i suggest you head on over to, download all MP3s you see on the site, and have a good laugh.

There was a satirical song about Angara (Ang Garapata), FPJ (DisqualificationTime and Fernando), and Erap (HoiLoi) among many others. i had way fun listening to them… ROTFL!!!

but most importantly, it shows us the state of our present political system, the proliferation (still!) of trapos (traditional politicians), corruption, showbiz folk (who should stay in showbiz) venturing into the political arena, and many others.

i am sure this was financed by an opposing political party, but, heck! it was fun and an eye-opener… well… 🙂

have fun!!! 😀

Ciao, baby… 😎




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