M$ agrees to slash prices for Thailand government

16 08 2003

Microsoft agrees to remove XP activation http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=11058

This one is for the books of weird.

In a move to stop the Thai governemnt from selling PCs bundled with Linux to its citizenry for a very cheap price, Microsoft entered into an agreement with the Thai government to slash their pricetag down to $39 for both Windows XP and Office. Wow! Only $39? What’s more, they (M$) also agreed to do away with product activation for the XP!!!

This move certainly shows that M$ is already trying out ways to beat Linux, at whatever cost. For all we know, soon, M$ will just simply give out Windows/Office away and just earn from its support… 🙂

I love the GPL! 🙂

Ciao, baby… 😎




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