IPv6 at APC!

15 08 2003


For this term’s NETADDR (that is Net Addressing), I deviated from the norm. Instead of teaching IPv4 to my students, I instead tried to teach the newest version of the Internet Protocol, v6, or simply, IPv6.

Though not all applications (in Linux and otherwise) still allow for an IPv6 implementation, there are some which are, at least the important ones. I have students who are studying DNS, DHCP, Proxy, and Apache (httpd) implementations of IPv6. Will be posting links of packages as well as the configuration (conf) files of each of these applicaitons, so watch out for it.

Now, you will ask what is so important about IPv6? For one, once all devices require IP addresses (like PDAs, phones, cars, refrigerators, etc), the remaining IPv4 addresses will all be consumed. And the fact that the version 4 is already 20 years old!

By the way (highway), IPv6 has around 32 octillion addresses (please see above for a basic definition of numbers http://www.haravata.net/blog/index.php?p=24…

That’s it for now…

Ciao, baby… 😎




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