Microsoft fails Slammer’s security test

31 01 2003 from

Now this I find funny. Apparently, when the MS SQL worm hit the streets on January 25, one of the hardest hits was no other than the Microsoft network itself (please see related story at also at The Microsoft network was “struggling with a massive infection by the SQL Slammer worm, which inundated many corporate networks Saturday with steady streams of data that downed Internet connections and clogged bandwidth”, said CNETs Now, this is a classic case of the management who created the technology, apparently does not rely on this same technology.

See, what happened was this: MS SQL had a known bug since six months ago and patches were deployed as soon as the bug was found out. After this, one would’ve thought that all servers running MS SQL will have already patched their servers, and a tragedy of this magnitude would not have happened. But inside Microsoft itself, where the techonolgy was created and patched, and supposedly, the same technology is being used, they did not follow their own advices to system administrators.

“At approximately, 10:00 p.m. (PST, Friday), traffic on the corporate network jumped dramatically, eventually bringing all services to a crawl, ” stated Mike Carlson’s, director of data center operations for Microsoft’s Information Technology Group, memo. “The root cause appears at this time to be a virus attacking SQL.”

On Saturday, the Microsoft’s Windows XP Activation service was down, not because the servers were vulnerable, but because the company’s internal network was inundated with junk data, Rick Devenuti, the chief information officer for the software giant, said in an interview Monday.

“We are not sure how the virus got into our network,” he said.

nnyehehehe… 😀

Who’s at fault? Definitely not technology. They have since created a patch for a known bug six months ago, right? The problem is Microsoft itself failed to put to good use their own technology. It is the management’s fault this time…

nuff said! 🙂

Ciao, baby…




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