I have a new toy

28 01 2003

Last Friday, the 17th of January, I bought, in the name of APC of course, a Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal for Php17,000. In short, I bought a GSM modem. The problem is that it does not come with applications, meaning, the modem cannot be used out of the box. Not an install-and-use thing, buset!

It does come with a CD-ROM, but all that was inside were PDFs of the technical details about it, what it does, how it does it, the usual crap. So, I was resigned in finding (or creating) my own apps so that I can use it. So, like all other developers before me, I fired up my favorite browser (Opera 6), and searched my favorite search engine (Google.com) for the terms ‘sms send store modem.’ And voila!, I came upon gsmlib. This is the package to use if you want to read and send SMS through the modem. The only problem is, the package does not come with enough information and examples to make my work easier.

So now, I have to work long and hard (hey! I was here last Sunday, you know!!!) just to make this thing work. But who?s complaining? I am not!

You see, this is the kind of work that makes my blood boil with desire. The need for discovery of new things (maybe not for others but to me, it is) is what spells my life. I always crave for challenges, which I will sooner or later overcome with diligent study and work.

But enough about that. I definitely love this new toy of mine. For now, I have to spend my time studying how it works, what makes it work, and the correct apps to use. Soon, we (with Mr Joegene Quesada and Mr Glen Tan) will integrate the graphical interface the two of them are presently creating using PHP/MySQL that will allow us to define keywords and actions for incoming SMS messages. Yes!!! This will be fun!!! 😀

Ciao, baby…




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