i need to tone down…

9 01 2003

…my teaching style.

I know, I know! Some of you have been telling me this since forever, and I wasn?t listening. But, the thing is, those who were telling me were either 2nd year or 3rd year students. So I figured, you are already mature enough, and know enough computers to understand what I am saying.

But today, I had a rude wake-up call, a heads-up, an awakening, that not all students are the same.

I have this INPROLA (Introduction to Programming Languages) class where I teach 1st year students the world of C programming. So I was teaching away, blocks, includes, ints, vars, when there’s this trio of students who, although they were listening, does not really seem to understand me, while the rest of the class seemed to be pacing well along.

And right then and there, I realized that these were 1st year students, probably without computer backgrounds at all (maybe to some degree), and will not ever understand my lessons if I treat them other than as students, 1st year students to be specific.

So what is a person to do?

Time spent teaching is time well spent…

Ciao, baby…




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