Where the heck was I yesterday?

1 01 2003

Yesterday, Mr Joe Gene and I went to the Advanced Science and Technology Institute under the Department of Science and Technology (ASTI-DOST) for its 16th year celebration of ASTIDays. Specifically, we attended One Embedded Morning, a tech talk sponsored by the Embedded Systems Group of ASTI which aims to create awareness among the country?s skilled software and hardware developers, the Academe and the Industry. Yes, we did learn many things. But I will be talking about that in a separate space.

Later on after the tech talk, I went around the exhibits and had a talk with Beth Macapil, the Team Leader of the Project Management Group of the Philippine Research, Education, and Government Information Network (PREGINET), and I found out from her that we can have a partnership between APC and PREGINET and we will have complete access to all their researches!!! And from there, we can create our own that will, in turn, suit the needs of the industry. I am pushing for this. For one, our learning experience will not be limited to APC alone. To be able to maximize the partnership, we can have a link directly with the PREGINET network, which also creates a link to all the portals of learning around the world. In short, we have a free Internet connection between academic institutions and R&D departments all over the world without the hassle of going through commercial Internet sites!!! No porn! No MP3s! (Is that good? I?d have to rethink that one!)

For other on-going projects, I also had a talk with one of the tech talk speakers, Mr Felipe Santiago, president of Trident Electronics Corporation. In his talk, he mentioned that he is one of the only few distributors of fingerprint readers here in the Philippines. This can be a big boon to students working on the NBI Fingerprinting Project. And so on, and so on, and so on…

Anyway, yesterday was very fruitful in terms of networking with other people we can either partner with, or link up with, so that our students can get the most out of them. Ahhhh, life! Parang buhay!!! KUNG HEI FAT CHOY, everyone!!!

Ciao, baby…




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