3 07 2002

And I almost did it, too! I almost dropped my subjects because I feel that I cannot cope with the pressures of work, and at the same time studying. With my current work load, that is, administrative and teaching loads, I felt that having subjects will be an additional burden on my part.

BUT, I want to do this not only for myself but for my family as well. Lucky are those who are single and can juggle both work and studies without so much an effort. How unlucky for us married people who has to go to work, teach, and study [not to mention have a life!].

I want my son to grow up knowing that education is a continuing process. That no matter what you learn now, those will be obsolete tomorrow. That no matter what you do today, YOU will be obsolete tomorrow. So, you have to keep yourself up-to-date, on the button, ika nga. And all I am doing right now is for my son.

Like what I am currently doing. I feel that, instead of creating this f*$#%@*$*%cking journal [Hi! Sir Elmer!!!], I can spend my time more productively by doing MY work. But since I want to continue studying, since I want to impart to my son the importance of a continuing education, and since I want to improve myself [not to mention that this is a requirement of the subject], I HAVE to do this…

But you can?t keep me from shouting:


Ciao, baby…




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